Travel Sessions!

Our family of four is known for being a little over the top with road trips. We regularly drive to New Orleans (8 hours from Austin), Colorado (21 hours), and South Carolina (24-ish hours) to visit family, and in the past few years our road trips have taken us to Minnesota, Wisconsin, San Francisco, San Diego, and all the places in between. We're lucky that the kids like the car, don't mind stopping to stretch legs and have a snack, and tolerate being hauled out of the car so we can stop at historical markers (Super Fun Parents of the Year, that's us!). This past spring, we started talking about what summer would look like, and decided to road trip up to visit our friends in Minnesota, and then detour a bit as we headed to Pawleys Island for our usual summer destination. We figured out our travel dates, then I tossed those dates out on Twitter and Instagram to see if anyone might like photos done while we were passing through their areas - and I was able to photograph five families on the road! Some I had met before, some I had not, but by the time I left St. Paul, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Knoxville, I was basically making plans to come back and see these fantastic people just to hang out with them. I truly had the best time! To Alexa, Sarah, Katie, Liz, and Marianne, thank you so much for introducing me to your beautiful families and for making me feel so at home! And thank-you to Amy for having us all over to dinner in IL - we are going to make that family session happen someday soon, I promise. (Adele says "Can we play in Elm's tree hideout again?") Sarah, my girls are campaigning HARD for a trampoline after visiting your house. And Marianne, my children basically want to move into Lulu's playhouse with her, so if you hear weird noises out there, don't be worried...  and thanks for the wonderful dinner, wine, and conversation. 

I'm excited to share just a few previews from these gorgeous families!


Hello? Is this thing on? I didn't plan on taking such a long break... turns out that a real vacation involves no internet! I couldn't even get a signal on my phone; originally I had planned to post phone pictures each day we were gone. I was faithful, though, and I did take pictures every day (with the good camera!). So herewith, a sampling of photos from our beautiful vacation to Pawleys Island, South Carolina, where we got to visit with family, play on the beach, and eat seafood to our hearts' content. I HIGHLY recommend it.

The mosaic below is just a sampling of photos taken... I realized I was driving myself a little insane trying to organize each photo by day taken, etc., so you can click on any of the links underneath the mosaic to go directly to my Flickr stream, where there are so many more pictures you may not even want to see them.

Thanks for bearing with my silence! Regular posting should be up and running again as of tomorrow. I hope there are are a few people out there still checking in. :)


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Yesterday I had the fun opportunity to shoot some interiors for my friend Britney, who is in real estate. She's the broker for an AMAZING house that's not far from ours, and wanted to get some close up shots of some neat details of the house. It's new construction, but a lot of the wood and doors are reclaimed and salvaged from New Orleans (which of course made me smile). This door leads to one of the children's bedrooms.