Fall Favorites

Fall is always a bit crazy, and this year was no exception. Despite the winter coming early this year (it was 36 degrees this morning! What?!) I had some fantastic sessions with favorite clients again these past couple of months. I don't want to give away anyone's holiday cards, but I think I'm safe with sharing a few other shots. Thanks to everyone, especially the littlest ones, who tolerated the camera so well. ;)

Lydia and Family at Home

I love meeting families that I click with so easily that I don't want to leave their home. Christy contacted me when she was pregnant with Lydia and we talked over the phone about a relaxed, easy shoot in their home, which is my favorite kind to do. The day we scheduled was supposed to be rainy and dark, but it turned out to be a beautiful morning (and cool outside!). I loved meeting Lydia and Emerson and their mom and dad... it's clear how happy they are as a family of four.

The Johnsons at Home

I love how many families lately have been open and excited about the idea of shooting in their homes. These shoots are, without a doubt, my very favorites. Charlotte and Ben and big brother Ingram recently welcomed baby Alice, and they invited me over to hang out with them on a recent Sunday morning. Here are just a few favorites from the day... Charlotte and Ben, thank you for having me over! (Also, I went home and REALLY wanted pizza rolls for dinner. Ahem.)

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

Helloooo there! Yes, I'm still here. Yes, I'm still alive. Yes, I'm still taking photographs.

And yes, welcome to 2013! In news from the past three months, I'd like to post photos of all the amazing families who did holiday card shoots this year, as well as one of my favorite families who were my LAST shoot of 2012 AND my first shoot of 2013 (holla, Watsons!), since they did a maternity/family shoot and then were kind enough to have me back to take newborn/family photos with their adorable new addition. I'm loving newborn shoots these days, since babies seem to grow overnight!

Here are a few from their session... and I'll do a quick teaser that I'm changing some things up in 2013. Be on the lookout! A few hints: film, film, and more film. :)

Michael and Anabel

I love sessions where I get to see how kids have grown up... I got to shoot some holiday photos of Michael and Anabel several months ago, so it was so fun to see how they've grown since then!

Michael just turned one, and Anabel is turning four soon, so we met up for a shoot in a new-to-me park near Wells Branch. Thank you to their mom, Monica (fun fact: we've known each other since high school in New Orleans!) for getting them all dressed up and ready to play!

The Davidson (extended!) Family Sneak Peek

This past weekend, I had the good fortune to meet up with a fantastic family. Joyce, who is the mother and grandmother of this beautiful family, contacted me a few weeks ago; though she and her husband Rex live in New Mexico, they were going to be in Austin visiting their children and grandchildren and wanted to have some photos taken.

Well, as you'll see, I couldn't STOP taking photos. How fun is this lovely family?!

Eliot and Family

My lovely friend Catherine contacted me not long ago about taking some photos at her home, where her family had a celebration planned for her son Eliot's baptism. I LOVE shooting in people's homes (I guess if I were being all business-y I would call it a "lifestyle shoot") and I'm especially in love with Catherine and Rob's home. Rob remodeled it himself and it's such a cool, open house with lots of natural light. I had a great time following Eliot around and getting to see him surrounded by all of his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. He is such a loved little boy. Kitty, thanks for letting me be part of his day.

(Side note: isn't Catherine creative? I loved these little favors she put together.)

(Eliot REALLY loved the icing on the cupcakes. Like, a LOT.)


This past weekend, I got to meet one of the most cheerful girls EVER... and she's barely a year old! Meet Elizabeth. (And may I just say that she let me hold her about 5 seconds after we met? I am smitten, I tell you.)

I had such a wonderful time meeting their whole family, and Elizabeth had a blast exploring Mayfield Park.

Thank you, Courtney, Thad and Elizabeth!

Larkin and Layne

A couple weekends ago, I had a fantastic time taking pictures of the sweet-as-pie Long sisters. How cute are these girls?

We had so much fun running around the Capitol grounds, having snacks, and looking at all the flowers and oaks. Huge thanks to Larkin and Layne and their fabulous mom, Jennifer!