Juliette and Family at Home

Newborn shoots aren't the easiest thing to plan for, given that babies aren't really "schedule" kind of people. It's hard being a baby! You want what you want when you want it! Come on, people!

Therefore, I LOVED what Jesse and Moira decided to do for newborn photos with their sweet Juliette. Step one: invite your whole family over to your home one morning. Step two: make sure one of you has a brother who is an incredible chef. Step Three: Have him cook chicken and waffles. Step Four: Mimosas and coffee. Step five: Make sure that both parents, two grandmothers, one grandfather, one godmother, one aunt-to-be and one uncle are all on hand for plenty of baby holding and snuggling.  Step six: admire this sweet baby who's mellow and calm and happy just being in everyone's arms. Then invite a photographer to catch you all in action, and you've got some happy family photos all together.

Congratulations, Moira and Jesse, and the entire family! Juliette is just beautiful, and so loved.