Back to Reality

Well, nothing like launching a brand-new website to make your computer up and KAPUT. First the screen went out, then the "internal temperature monitor" (what does that even mean?!) and then, lastly, the hard drive. Apple VERY kindly just replaced the entire thing with a new one, so now there are no more excuses in regards to posting!  (Thank goodness my obsessive backup tendancies saved all data.)

The summer has been a little crazy over here; we have taken two vacations, both of which involved a lot of driving. In June we drove from Texas, to Louisiana, to South Carolina, and then back to Texas, and then in early August we drove to San Francisco! Casey and I took the long way home and drove down Highway 1 in California, which cemented two facts for me: 1) I am really terrible at driving on twisty turny roads, even as a passenger 2) California is lovely but also VERY hot and desert-y in the inner portions. Big Sur, however? Oh, I would move there. I mean, I would have to live in a tent within a national campground area because I couldn't begin to afford a square foot of coastal California real estate, but that's neither here nor there. 

In the meantime, I have a few shots of our annual trip to Pawleys Island; these were shot on a Nikon F100 with Ektar 100 film (which I have heard referred to as the red-headed stepchild of film) and scanned by the FINDlab. More actual vacation photos to come once I get my head back in real life!