Louisiana on Film

The girls and I took a quick weekend trip to Louisiana last week, just because. It's been awhile since we were there (the Christmas holidays were our last visit) so we decided to drive over for a long weekend. I hadn't been to Jazzfest in years and was dying to go, so I went in to New Orleans by myself one day, spent some time with good friends, and heard some music. The rest of the time was spent doing a lot of nothing in particular at my parents' home in Abita Springs; the girls went swimming, we all went to the farmer's market in Covington, and we read a lot of books and drank coffee and visited. It was one of those weekends that really makes me sad that we live so far from family.

I didn't bring my digital camera on this trip... just film. I just got everything back from the lab; this was my first time shooting Fuji color film and I like the way it turned out, especially the ones of the girls (who were surprisingly amenable to having their photo taken... it's hit or miss these days.) All of these photos were taken on a Nikon F100 with Fuji (color) or TriX (black and white), and were developed and scanned at Holland Imaging in Austin. This film thing is addictive, I tell you.

I've lived in Austin for a long time, but New Orleans, you'll always have my heart.