I had the best time this past weekend. I shot my first wedding solo (more on that in a later post) and then got to spend some quality time with my lovely friend Jennie and her family. I got to know Jennie through the internet (which seems fairly standard these days!) and I love that even though we've only met in person three or four times, she was totally ok with me crashing at her house for the night. We stayed up way too late talking about everything under the sun (truly... we went from Matt Damon to husbands to worrying about how to raise our kids to be good people) and then in the morning, I got to take some pictures of Jennie and her adorable son Kyle. Her husband Mike had a race that day and so he had left before we started picture time, but beware Mike! My camera will get you next time. ;)

Kyle was so funny and happy and cheerful, and he let me take a bunch of photos... here are a few of my favorites of the two of them. Thank you, Jennie!