The Summer of Road Trips

People, this summer is CRAZY for us. We're basically criss-crossing the country in our car. When you factor in flying for four people, plus needing to rent a car most of the places you go, plus boarding the dog, the cost becomes prohibitive, so we're driving.

We have leg one out of the way; last week, we drove to Green Bay, Wisconsin, for Casey's cousin's wedding, and then spent the week in Green Lake, which isn't far from Green Bay. Casey's parents rented a lake house and though the weather was chilly, we were able to do a little boating, play a little baseball in the yard, chase some bubbles, play with the dogs, have a s'more roasting extravaganza, and obtain some classic Minnetonka moccasins. (I am now addicted to mine. would wear them every day and out and about if I could, but it was 60 degrees there and it's 102 here so... they may relax in my closet until November. DANG IT, TEXAS.)

Also, we ate our weight in fresh cheese curds and went to a cookie outlet. A cookie outlet! Where you can get cheap bulk cookies! Ah, it was my happy place.

So, without further ado, our trip in photos.

G fishes red sandals daddy and daughter papa nona and ladies mah hair toobing And! suWING battah! downward glance nona, papa and ladies Stefanie and Indy lake house my mocs! smooch daddy and daughter viewing and fishing

Thanks for a fabulous vacation, Nona and Papa!