Feel Free to Bid

Awhile back, I read about a benefit that was going to be taking place at BlogHer (a huge blogging conference) in New York City, and during the weekend they were throwing a gala with art to be auctioned off. At the time, they were putting out a call for submissions; I emailed them and was invited to submit a piece for the auction! Each artist was assigned a written piece to "illustrate" through their own medium, and my assignment was the following:

It's what you pay attention to
It's about a stance towards knowledge and doing

(from the piece "This Is Geek" by Liz of Badgerbag)

I took a LOT of pictures as I was trying to interpret her words, and here's the one I ended up submitting to the gala.

All of the art from the auction is being auctioned off with proceeds going to benefit the Gulf Coast Nature Conservancy projects (post-oil spill cleanup). My piece is here if you are inclined to bid (and if you do, the Gulf Coast thanks you and so do I!).

There are a couple of points I want to clear up; the piece as listed as being a photo on canvas, but it isn't. It's a 16x20 fine print in black and white, framed. Also, the title of the piece isn't "This is Geek," though that's the title of the piece it is based on. My title is "In the Details" which pertains more to the quote the photo illustrates than the piece in its entirety.

I hope you like it! It was definitely nerve wracking to submit to something so public, but I'm glad I did.