Hello? Is this thing on? I didn't plan on taking such a long break... turns out that a real vacation involves no internet! I couldn't even get a signal on my phone; originally I had planned to post phone pictures each day we were gone. I was faithful, though, and I did take pictures every day (with the good camera!). So herewith, a sampling of photos from our beautiful vacation to Pawleys Island, South Carolina, where we got to visit with family, play on the beach, and eat seafood to our hearts' content. I HIGHLY recommend it.

The mosaic below is just a sampling of photos taken... I realized I was driving myself a little insane trying to organize each photo by day taken, etc., so you can click on any of the links underneath the mosaic to go directly to my Flickr stream, where there are so many more pictures you may not even want to see them.

Thanks for bearing with my silence! Regular posting should be up and running again as of tomorrow. I hope there are are a few people out there still checking in. :)


1. pawleys island, 2. pawleys island, 3. pawleys island, 4. pawleys island, 5. pawleys island, 6. pawleys island, 7. pawleys island, 8. pawleys island, 9. pawleys island, 10. pawleys island, 11. pawleys island, 12. pawleys island, 13. pawleys island, 14. pawleys island, 15. g reads, 16. hammock reading, 17. adele and daddy, hammock, 18. hammock time, 19. "what?", 20. pawleys island, 21. adele is dotty